Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Winter Countryside - The Lakes, Cumbria

My winter walking holiday in The Lake District revealed a stunning landscape as well as some ideas that can be used on a more domestic scale. 

Snow Day

I was lucky enough to get a day where the landscape was transformed into a magical winter wonderland. When the world is transformed into black and white a whole new perspective of form is revealed and colour takes a back seat. 

Seating and Sculpture
Sometimes it is better to think laterally about garden features; a bench doesn’t always need to be an off-the-shelf wooden bench. Working with the landscape and taking inspiration from surroundings can result in a far more interesting and interactive space.

Garden Buildings
You might not have room for a boat-house but this does show us that garden building such as sheds and utilitarian structures can actually add to the landscape and improve the space.

Colour and Texture
The middle of winter may be thought of as dreary combinations of browns but we can use this to our advantage when showing off bright greens or splashes of colour. A bright strong stem or shot of Lichen green can look stunning against a winter background.

Indoor Plants
Bringing plants inside the house, especially where you have a view through to your garden blends the border and brings the outside in. Not only this, but having some plants in the house will improve your air quality and generally make you feel better.

Inspiration from Nature
Man may try to dominate the landscape but whether you are in the countryside or the city you will see signs that inevitably nature will claim it back. 

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