Thursday, 24 September 2015

Voewood House - Norfolk

I was in my home county of Norfolk last weekend for a beautiful wedding in the Arts and Crafts setting of Voewood House. Although I had been told that this house was a great example of the period (dating from 1903) I was excited to find the gardens were similarly special.

The gardens are still set out in a typical fashion of the Edwardian era and reflect the gentler, more 'hand-made' approach of this movement against the brashness and industrialisation of the Victorians.

The Edwardian garden often had a strong geometric layout, which was then softened by planting. A look back at older styles of garden was interpreted by a using a central feature, often a bird bath or water of some sort with the paths and borders laid out around.

The Arts and Crafts elements of this garden result in some unusual and quirky features.